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Sokoban is a logic game created by Hiroyuki Imabayashi in 1981. It was published in 1982 by a Japanese software company, Thinking Rabbit inc.

Your goal as "The Sokoban" (warehouse keeper) is to make sure all goal tiles have an object tile. In this case the goal is the green pad and the object is the red ruby.

This is done by controlling the sokoban's movement using the arrow keys on your keyboard or by using your mouse. Only one ruby can be pushed at a time and cannot be pulled.

As seen in the demo, you may have to move an already placed object from its goal in order to solve the puzzle.

Have a look at the showcase in the menu to get a bird's eye view on latest published puzzles, most recently solved puzzles and puzzles that have recently been commented on.

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The Puzzles
There are currently 583 puzzle packs comprising of 83,770 puzzles, ranging from very easy to seemingly impossible.

Most of these puzzles are 'published', meaning they are found on the internet. The authors of these puzzles are generally well known in the Sokoban community.

There is also a "Member Puzzles" pack containing puzzles our members created using the puzzle editor.

If you're new to the game, start off with one of the following "easy" packs: Pufiban, Microban, Original + Extra, Novaban.

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Member Puzzles
Quagmire 3
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You compete with fellow members with points being awarded when completing a puzzle.

There are two leader boards, one based on least moves and one based on least pushes. When completing a puzzle, you are entered into both leader boards. In the case of a tie for least moves, pushes determines the winner. For least pushes, moves determines the winner.

You can play a puzzle an unlimited amount of times. Your best score will automatically be used for the leader boards.

Country rankings are a summation of points for each member belonging to each respective country.

Should you require any assistance, first please consult the FAQ. If you're a member, you can ask your question on The Wall.

For any other queries, please send an email to admin@letslogic.com.
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